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Only 7 more days to migrate to Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics as we know it is ending in just 7 days (on July 1, 2023). Are you ready? 

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What it means

Universal Analytics (UA) will stop collecting and reporting new data. If you want to keep collecting data from your website without any gaps, you must migrate to GA4 by July 1.

How do I know what I'm using?

To identify which version of Google Analytics you are currently using, look at the property name displayed within the Google Analytics interface. If it includes the suffix “- GA4”, then you are good to go!

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How can I install GA4?

You can install GA4 via a code snippet, CMS integration, or Google Tag Manager. Or if you're on WordPress or Shopify, you can swipe up to book an easy done-for-you installation.

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Is there training for GA4?

GA4 collects and reports data differently than Universal Analytics. Swipe up to book a 1-on-1 training session to learn everything you need to know about GA4.

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Annie is a marketing technology consultant with more than 10 years of experience. They have their M.S. in Marketing Research from Michigan State University, and have managed dozens of websites ranging from brand new ones, to sites with millions of monthly viewers.