Blogging blindly won’t help you reach your goals — but strategic content creation can help you rapidly and organically grow your business!

Annie’s proven process

I have handled blog content strategies for more than a dozen websites across a wide variety of industries, and I’m confident that I can grow your blog and help you achieve your most important KPIs. I can work as an integrated member of your team, managing your own copywriters and contractors, or I can help hire and manage a new team of contractors.  This is the process that I follow:


We’ll begin by chatting about your business, industry, goals, and budget. Then we’ll work together to craft a plan that will maximize your results within your budget. I will send a proposal and scope of work that details the exact tasks, deliverables, costs, and terms. Once the agreement is signed, we will have our kickoff meeting to cover any additional details that need to be discussed


Each month we’ll brainstorm content ideas within the broader context of your marketing calendar to make sure that the content that we are creating is relevant and timely. This can be done in a monthly phone/video call, via email, or via your chat system (Hangouts, Slack, etc.)

SEO research

Once we’ve brainstormed relevant topics, I conduct SEO research to determine which topics are the highest opportunity based on search intent, volume, and competition. This helps to dictate the direction of the article, and the article length and is integral to the success of the project.

I use tools like Google Search Console, Ahrefs, SEMRush, Moz, and Ubersuggest to generate ideas and conduct research. If you have a preferred trusted SEO software, I am happy to use your account to conduct the required research.

Article trafficking and project management

For lower volume projects, I can complete all copywriting myself; however, we can achieve a higher volume at a lower cost by outsourcing copywriting to a team of contractors. From our research, I will create content briefs that dictate the length, structure, keywords, and due dates.

Then, I will assign the articles to our team of our writers. Once the articles are received, I will do a full edit to ensure the article flow makes sense, spelling and grammar is correct, internal and external links are used properly, and it meets SEO best practices.

Finally, the articles will be ready to publish! I can upload them directly to your CMS and queue them, or I can pass them along to your team for approval and additional edits.

Client approvals and involvement

I encourage clients to be as hands-on as they want to ensure that our results perfectly align with their goals and expectations. I have worked with clients that hand everything off and sit back, as well as clients who request approvals at every stage of the process. I can work as an integrated member of your marketing team or manage a completely external team of contractors to execute the work that needs to be done.

Client results

Using this process, I’ve seen phenomenal growth with my clients — we regularly see growth of 100% or more within 12 months.

Here are a few examples of results that my clients have seen:

New membership website

growth screenshot detailed in the text below

Publishing our first posts for a new membership website, we saw approximately 100% MoM growth for our first three consecutive months, achieving more than 600 sessions from search. In this timeframe, we published just 18 articles.

Healthcare startup

Publishing 12 new articles a month, we grew the organic traffic to this healthcare startup’s blog by 190% in just 7 months. This project ran from November 2021 to May 2022.

CPG e-commerce company

google analytics screenshot showing comparison traffic data mentioned in the text

During our initial 6 months working together, we published 4-5 articles monthly and revisited and re-optimized existing articles. We saw a growth of 271% in organic traffic and 116% growth in revenue from organic search from December 1, 2015 – June 1, 2016.

This has been the longest client relationship that I work with to this day, and as of May 2022, we have since seen overall organic growth of 627%.

What results can I expect to see for my brand?

It’s very difficult to predict with any accuracy how much your blog will grow, but we expect to see measurable results within 6 months. There are a wide number of factors that can influence your success, including the volume of content that we are publishing, the overall quality and SEO health of your website, digital PR and social media efforts, what your competitors are doing, as well as search engine algorithm changes which we can neither control nor predict.

Strategic SEO content management pricing

Strategic content management packages start at $2,500 a month and range up to $10,000 a month, depending on your budget and the complexity of your project. Email or submit an inquiry to get a free quote for your project.

Let’s grow your business

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