Marketing Career Planning Session

Did you know that our founder, Annie Singer, is a high school dropout? While she did eventually receive her Bachelor of Science in psychology and Master of Science in marketing research, she left high school at the age of 16. Not having a degree (or even high school diploma) does not mean that you can't have an amazing career in marketing! 

We offer career planning sessions for people of all stages of life! These sessions are designed for:
- High school students exploring career ideas
- College students hoping to find their first industry job
- Adults looking to switch career paths
- People who have no formal or academic background in marketing, but who are interested in understanding their options.

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Is marketing a good career?

Marketing, and specifically digital marketing, can be a great career for people who are creative or analytical. Most marketing jobs involve long days of sitting at a computer, so if you need to be outdoors and moving, marketing might not be the right field for you.

However, marketers do a wide variety of tasks. There are a few different career paths you can follow as a marketer. 

Marketing generalist

A marketing generalist is a person who knows how to do a little bit of everything in marketing. Generalists are needed in small businesses, because a business with limited resources may not be able to hire 5 different people for specialized roles. As a generalist, you might manage social media, email marketing, graphic design, website creation and maintenance, and more. 

Marketing specialist

A marketing specialist is someone who works in a specific subfield of marketing, and has very specialized skills. You may specialize in SEO, ad management, affiliate marketing, a copywriting, or any other variety of specialized tasks within marketing. Specialist jobs tend to exist in larger companies that have the resources to maintain multiple marketing roles, and inside of agencies. Entry-level agency roles are a great way to "break into" specialized marketing.

Marketing analyst

Marketing analysis roles can technically fall under a "specialist" role, but we think they deserve to be mentioned separately as well. Marketing analyst roles tend to be very analytical (duh) and data-heavy, and may require advanced degrees or specialized formal training. You will likely be working with large raw data sets as well as analytics programs like Google Analytics or Amplitude. You may need to know coding languages like R or Python, and be familiar with advanced statistical methods.

How much do marketing jobs pay?

Unfortunately there is no straightforward, easy answer to this question. Marketing jobs range enormously in the pay range, from minimum wage virtual assistantships, to executive CMO's making high six or even seven figures.

Personally, we have found marketing to be a very lucrative career path. Here is the earning path of our founder, Annie:

- 2013 - hired as a "link builder" at an SEO agency at $11/hour with benefits. Laid off three months later.
- 2014 - hired as a social media intern at a large consumer goods company at $10/hour without benefits.
- 2015 - promoted to social media lead at the same company at $16/hour with benefits.
- 2016 - hired as a growth marketer at a small e-commerce company at $60,000/year with benefits.
- 2016 - a few months later relocated for the same job and requested a cost of living adjustment to $90,000/year with benefits.
- 2017 - promoted to title of chief marketing officer with no pay adjustment.
- 2019 - hired as head of marketing for a publisher at $120,000/year with benefits.
- 2019 - started doing contract work for two companies part time to earn an additional $50,000/year on top of her full time job.

As you can see, marketing can quickly become a six figure job if you have the support and resources you need to succeed. It is our goal to help you plan your career to be something that you enjoy doing every day, and reaching your highest financial dreams.

How we help you plan for your marketing career

When you sign up for a career planning session, we will send a survey to get a basic understanding of your situation and your desires. Then, we spend an hour over video or phone discussing your goals and the best ways to achieve them. Finally, we follow up with a summary of our discussion, specific action items, and additional resources that will help you in your career.

Honor-system sliding scale for people in need

We offer sliding scale options for people who may not have the resources to pay for a career planning session. We encourage people from all walks of life to book a session including high schoolers (with parental permission!!), college students, those who do not have any degree or diploma, and older adults looking to switch careers. This operates on an honor system, so you do not need to prove your "need" or income. We have a very limited number of sliding scale appointments available every month, so please do not use the discounts if you are not truly in need. 

Sliding scale options available:
- 50% off your session using code slidingscale50
- 75% off your session using code slidingscale75
- 100% off your session - email if you would like to redeem this option