Digital marketing strategy sessions

Ready to take your digital marketing to the next level? A digital marketing strategy session will help you unlock more opportunities than ever before.

Whether you are starting your marketing completely from scratch, or ready to shift strategies, a marketing strategy session is the perfect way for your small business to get started with a plan that will actually work for you. In this session, you will spend an hour taking a deep-dive with us, discussing your vision, goals, and the steps necessary to achieve. We'll look at your current marketing and the competitive landscape to see what you are doing right and what might be missing. Your marketing strategy session will be confidential, and the information will be kept strictly between you and your marketing consultant.

You will walk away from your session with specific and actionable next steps that you and your team can begin implementing immediately, as well as advice on how to measure your results.

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Why your business needs a digital marketing strategy

If you have a website, Facebook page, Instagram, email list, or blog, you are already doing digital marketing! Having a specific strategy allows you to focus your resources on what is most effective and impactful, saving you time and money. Your strategy is the foundation that guides of all of your efforts, and will determine how you develop a marketing calendar, allocate your budget and resources, and ultimately help your business grow in revenue and reputation. No marketing strategy is complete without a plan for measurement, so you know when you're making the most impact. A strategy doesn't have to be complicated, but it does need to be informed both by data and experience. 

How we help you build a strategy that really works

We are experts in all things marketing, and have experience with all types of small businesses including e-commerce stores, Etsy shops, nonprofits, B2B service providers, and more. Before your session starts, we request that you fill out a survey to help us understand the nature of your business, the things you've tried in the past, and the things that you think have been effective.

During your one hour session, we help you formulate a specific, actionable plan including the channels that will be the most effective, the technology needed to support your goals, and the types of content that will benefit you the most. There is no one size fits all solution!

After your strategy call, we will send a follow-up email summarizing our discussion, and providing you with specific, actionable next steps that you and your marketing team can execute. 

Honor-system sliding scale for small businesses in need

Do you run an impactful business on an impossible budget? We still would love to work with you! We offer three sliding scale options, providing 50-100% discounts to small businesses and nonprofits. We offer a limited number of sliding scale appointments per month, so please do not use the discounts if your business is not truly in need.

Sliding scale options available:
- 50% off your session using code slidingscale50
- 75% off your session using code slidingscale75
- 100% off your session - email if you would like to discuss this option

We trust in the integrity of our clients and hope that this system will not be abused, so we do not require any application or proof of need. 

Nonprofit discount

We love working with nonprofits and have worked with some of the biggest nonprofits in the United States, so we understand that you may be on a tight budget! You can receive 50% off your marketing strategy session using discount code nonprofit50 when you book your session.